Development Guide


The Pixhawk XRacer board family is optimized for small racing quads and planes. In contrast to Pixfalcon and Pixhawk it has in-built Wifi, new sensors, convenient full servo headers, CAN and supports 2M flash.

Quick Summary

* Main System-on-Chip: [STM32F437]( * CPU: 180 MHz ARM Cortex M4 with single-precision FPU * RAM: 256 KB SRAM (L1) * Standard FPV form factor: 36x36 mm with standard 30.5 mm hole pattern * Wifi telemetry and software upgrade * Invensense ICM-20608 Accel / Gyro (4 KHz) / MPU9250 Accel / Gyro / Mag (4 KHz) * HMC5983 magnetometer with temperature compensation * Measurement Specialties MS5611 barometer * JST GH connectors * microSD (logging) * S.BUS / Spektrum / SUMD / PPM input * FrSky telemetry port * OneShot PWM out (configurable) * Optional: Safety switch and buzzer * Availability: * [AUAV Pixracer]( * Accessories: * [Digital airspeed sensor]( * [Hobbyking OSD + US Telemetry (915 MHz)]( * [Hobbyking OSD + EU Telemetry (433 MHz)]( ## Kit The Pixracer is designed to use a separate avionics power supply. This is necessary to avoid current surges from motors or ESCs to flow back to the flight controller and disturb its delicate sensors. * Power module (with voltage and current sensing) * I2C splitter (supporting AUAV, Hobbyking and 3DR peripherals) * Cable kit for all common peripherals ## Wifi (no USB required) One of the main features of the board is its ability to use Wifi for flashing new firmware, system setup and in-flight telemetry. This frees it of the need of any desktop system.